The BASC Clay Shooting competitions got underway at Highclere over the Bank Holiday weekend, witnessing more talented shots in action as they played for those all-important qualifying spots.

The BASC Clay Shooting Festival at the Highclere Country Show has competitions for every type of shot. From the BASC Shotgun Experience for both the beginner and more experienced shot, BASC Shotgun Coaching for those wanting to try shooting alongside a qualified BASC Shotgun Coach, to individual competitions for Pro’s, Clubs, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans, the Clay Shooting Festival at Highclere had lots of prizes and incentives on offer.

The next round of Clay Shooting competitions will take place at the Lowther Show over 10th and 11th August 2019. To get involved in all of the action, simply turn up and sign up over at the BASC Clay Shooting Tent over the weekend. For more information visit

Take a look at the weekend’s BASC Clay Shooting results below…


Sunday 26th May 2019

Pro Class

1          R. Deacon    60 (Q)

2          C. Waite        59 (Q)

3          P. Gendall    57

3          C. Gorsuch   57 (Q)

3          Pel King         57 (Q)

3          S. Scott         57


Club Class

1          A. Lytwynchuk       24 (Q)

2          J. Billington             52 (Q)

            RP Schenkenberg  52 (Q)

           Channer 52 (Q)

           Beales 52 (Already Q)



1          S. Beales       52 (Q)



1          H. Robins     48 (Q)



1          R. Left            44 (Q)



Monday 27th May 2019

PRO Class


1          R. King                      59 (Q)

Myers 59 (Already Q)

Smith 59 (Q)

Waite 32 (Already Q)

Josh Brown             59 (Q)

Childerhouse 58 (Q)

Scott 58

Baughn 58 (Already Q)


Club Class

1          R. Birch                     52 (Q)

Fullard 52 (Q)

Horton 52 (Q)

Pope 52 (Q)

Beales 52 (Already Q)



1          A. Horton                 52 (Already Q)

Beales 52 (Already Q)

3          C. Orchard               51 (Already Q)

4          R. Pope                     49 (Q)


1          J. Galland                 49 (Q)


VET     M. Walker                54 (Q)


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